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Adrian State Bank


Adrian State Bank was born out of Bishop Ireland's Colony in Adrian in the middle 1870's, when almost overnight, a cold and lonely prairie "boomed" with Irish and German immigrants from the eastern part of the United States.

In 1889, an application was made to organize a State Bank. The report of condition of the bank in 1889 reflects assets totaling $42,289.21. The first meeting of the shareholders was October 7, 1889 with by-laws presented and accepted. At that time, all stockholders then signed an organization certificate. The state charter was issued by Superintendent of Banks, M.D. Kenyon, dated October 23, 1889.

January 5, 1931, the Adrian State Bank consolidated with the National Bank of Adrian, that had been incorporated since 1908.

Leander B. Eickhoff began his banking career at the State Bank of Rockville, Rockville, Minnesota, of which his father, C.F. Eickhoff, was cashier. Lee stepped off the train at Adrian's depot in February 1941, to accept a job in banking at the Adrian State Bank. He left for military service in May 1942, and rejoined the bank in February 1949 upon his military discharge. In 1950 he became Cashier. On October 29, 1958, he became Vice President/Cashier. He was elected President of Adrian State Bank in January 1969, and has been Chairman of the Board since 1974.

David Eickhoff succeeded his father, L.B. Eickhoff, as the President of Adrian State Bank in November 1985. He enjoyed his banking experience as a young man since he was 16 working there during the summers and during college vacations. However, when he finished college, he began working for Tri-State Insurance, traveling as a field representative. In 1977 David returned to banking.

Adrian State Bank is reputed to be the oldest operating business in Adrian. It has the reputation of being conservative and safe. President Eickhoff and his father attribute much of the bank's longevity to scores of dedicated employees over the years.

The building that housed the "first" Adrian State Bank was erected by the organization in 1891 and resembled every other bank constructed at that time. It is still an arresting site on its corner. It displays a metal roofed turret, tan brick walls and an old burglar alarm. Two blocks down from this structure is the present Adrian State Bank building which was constructed in 1969.